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mai 2020


C’est dur pour moi de l’avouer. J’ai un grand besoin d’amitié... J’ai des pertes d’appétit depuis quelques jours et constamment peur, plus ce sentiment d’être un gros zéro, une moins que rien. (...)

I'm not a believer

« Red is now following you.  » He messaged me on Facebook a few months ago... Or a few years. « Hi Fall, how are you? I guess you don’t remember me... » I do. Of course I do, how wouldn’t I? I never replied. He must be waiting for me to talk to him again, I know he’s still single. I never was interested in him, I never will, he believes I changed my mind after all these years maybe...? Nope I did not and I won’t tell him. I won’t... I won’t... I will? Like I said in a previous post, people from the past are coming back to me. Lilly was the first. I still don't know how (...)

Une histoire de barrières...

Je viens de me faire remarquer que je rêve de parler tant de langues étrangères et la langue des signes en français et en anglais, parce que je veux faire tomber les barrières qui nous séparent tous, j’ai vu des portes s’ouvrir à moi parce que je parle anglais et pourtant, à côté de ça, je construis des murs autour de moi, pour maintenir les gens à distance... (...)

L’année prochaine

I’d look gorgeous as a bridesmaid! I won’t be one next year though. (...)


I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT! There's another one! There's someone else trying to contact me! I don't have a name for her yet... I knew there would be someone else coming back from my past but I wasn't expecting her to add me as a friend on Facebook though. Three or four years ago, maybe, she was just following me, I guess this isn't enough now. I was wondering everyday, every minute : « Who's next? ». Haha... Now I know. But I'm wondering : Is there gonna be someone else again? And again? Like, everyone, my sister, my step-mother, my father, my mother maybe (no please, please, (...)